buy forex signal service

buy forex signal service

Here are the plans
1.  23 USD per month
2. 55 USD for 3 months
3. 95 USD for 6 months

Forex Signal Services
After buying any plan , kindly send me your transaction reference no to
we will give you username and password.
Also money cAN be sent in bank accounts via online transfer(if you're Indian or via bank-wire-transfer) :
A/c no- 04721000044926, HDFC Bank RTC X roads Hyderabad  India , swift (for transaction from foreign) - HDFCINBBXXX

After SENDING MONEY , kindly send me your transaction reference no to

After going in the chat room, please enter with the same name which name has been used for purchase of service.
You can enter by 2 methods:- 1. As a guest but mention same name what is  used to buy the service 2. via facebook account but name must be the same as used to buy the services.
Otherwise you may be kicked out of the chat room.

This is our double layer security to avoid non-clients.