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Our statements are published directly from trading terminal and are available with graph and stats.

We have multiple strategies for trading. All our strategies are based on combination of technical and fundamental analysis. We trade news-data too. We never use any kind of robot/EA. No robot/EA can make you rich but it can make the seller rich. A robot can never understand the changing market condition because it is programmed with a specific algorithm and strategy. And also, a robot/EA can never understand economical/fundamental analysis or economic news. That's why all robots/EA make profit for some days/weeks but finally fails and wipes out the entire money of account.
          Therefore, we labor hard to analyze the market and trade manually. Our all strategies are 100% manual where we use to consider for time to time modification in strategies according to changing market condition.

       Send us an email asking about trading performance, we will send you statements links of our trading accounts with various strategies. You can choose one or more strategy(ies) as per your risk/profit appetite.

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