Forex Trading Signal and Trade copying

Forex Trading Signal and Trade copy service

We avail various method to utilize our Forex trading signal. We can discuss about methods. You can select the most convenient method of signal for you.

Specialty of signals:

1. Signals are self executable as well as manual. Trade copy service is nothing but self executable signal. You can choose either of the two. You can get our signal software set on your account. Your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 (running on a VPS) executes our electronic signals into trades in a fraction of second. This method is the most impeccable way of utilizing signals.

2. You can get your risk set by us as per your appetite. For example, if we are trading 0.1 lot for a 1000 USD account size, but you wan to trade only 0.05, we can make such setting for you.

3. Currency pairs can be excluded and included as  per your choice. Let us say, after observing trading performance for a month, you found that EUR/USD is not doing as good as USD/JPY ; you can get EUR/USD signals eliminated/excluded by us. And now let us say, after observing for few more months, you found on our account that EUR/USD began doing good; so now you can get it included back.

4. Our charges are negotiable and depends on the method of signals. For example, account of our recommended broker on our VPS will cost you less whereas other method may cost you little more.

Please contact us to know charges of signals.

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