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Forex Trading Signal and Forex Copy Trading

Forex trading signal and Forex copy trading service

We avail two methods for utilizing our Forex trading signal, one is manual signal and another is self-executable signal/trade copying/Forex Copy Trading. We can discuss methods when you will contact us. You can select the most convenient method of signal for you.

Specialty of signals:

1. Signals are self executable as well as manual. Copy trading service is nothing but a self-executable signal. You can choose either of the two. You can get our signal software set on your account. Your MetaTrader 4 (running on a VPS) executes our electronic signals into trades in a fraction of second. This method is the most impeccable way of utilizing signals.

2. You can get your risk set by us as per your appetite. For example, if we are trading 0.1 lots for a 1000 USD account size, but you want to trade only 0.05 on the same a/c size; we can do such a setting for you.

3. Currency pairs can be excluded and included as  per your choice. Let us say, after observing trading performance for a month, you found that EUR/USD is not doing as good as USD/JPY ; you can get EUR/USD signals eliminated/excluded by us. And now let us say, after observing for a few more months, you found on our account that EUR/USD began doing good; so now you can get it included back.

4. The fee of signals depends on the method of signals.

  • Fee of manual signals: It is flat $80 per month irrespective of your account size. Signals are sent to smartphones directly into MT4-inbox.

  • Fee of self-executable signals/Forex trade copying: We copy trades to all MetaTrader4 accounts irrespective of brokers. Just like manual signals, it's also a prepaid service. The minimum investment for trade copying is also $1000, the fee slab is also the same as that of our Forex Fund Management shown on

    Here is an example of how the fee for our Forex copy trading service calculated:

Let's say you have an account balance of $1000.

Estimated profit = 30% = $300.

Our fee = 40% of 300 = $120 + $10 for VPS (you have to contribute $10 to our VPS expenses as we have to run your account 24 x 5 on a VPS for trade copying)  = $130

Let's say you make $400 in a month, so the actual fee = 40% of 400 = 160 but you paid 120 only, so you have to pay 160 minus 120 = $40 (a supplemental amount).

Let's say you make only $200, so the actual fee = 40% of 200 = $80 only, so we will adjust 120 minus 80 = $40 (extra amount). So, if you continue for the next month, the extra amount will be adjusted in the next fee. So, the next fee = 130 - 40 = $90.

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