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Buy NZD/JPY, news trade | Nov 26, 2019

As per previous analysis, we have already been bullish in NZD/JPY. This news trade is not only based on this current analysis but also supported significantly by previous analysis that illustrates strength of NZD/JPY in last two weeks.

In last hour, the US and China reached consensus on phase 1, which caused NZD/JPY to break the channel on H1.

I entered at 70.00 right at penetration of upper line of channel. During movement in last hour, I believed on this penetration that it will make H1 close above the channel's line unlike previous penetration because this penetration is supported by a significant news (significant because this news is related to many other positive news of its series).

TP 3.0 pips below ABCD100.0 (70.276) of D1.

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