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Forex Account Management or Fund Managmet Service is used by the investors who want to invest in the forex market but do not have enough time, experience or knowledge to trade by themselves; so they let the professional traders do all the hard work for them.
The service is also used by the investment firms which want to diversify a portion of their funds to other fund managers while holding the funds in their own additional trading account.

The account fund managers have excellent trading method, good risk management and knowledge about forex trading; they spot profitable trading opportunities throughout the week, and trade on behalf of the investors.


We as a Forex Account Fund Management company provide investment opportunities in form of Managed Accounts, that offer up to 22.5%* average monthly profitBesides A/c Fund Management services, we provide trading signals, copy trading services, etc. We are ready to show our accounts by screen sharing to let you see out trading results.

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*Your net profit depends on account size, fee slab and accepted draw-down level. We make 30% per month on average.

Due to various types of account and fund management strategies, your results may be quite different from that of others. Let's do an online meeting to figure out what all possible types of diversification and risk management can be done for you and what result you can get from your accounts under our management. For example, here are a few points:

  • A self managed super fund (SMSF) that trades Forex and provides annual returns to its members, opts for long term swing trading strategies.

  • A retail client who needs monthly withdrawals will rather choose scalping trading strategies or swing trading strategies based on smaller time-frames like H1, H4, etc.

  • A 100K proprietary trading firm or company which wants to limit the risk or drawdown (DD) under 5%, achieves 5% average monthly profit. On the other hand, a retail client with $16667 with 30% allowed DD achieves the similar result as that of a 100K proprietary trading firm.

  • An investor who primarily invests in shares for long-term, hires a less frequent trader to make money from the Forex market for the time being when there are no opportunities in shares.

Since we manage forex accounts of almost all types of individuals and corporates, including the ones mentioned above; we take following factors into account:

  • What kind of growth you want; annual, half yearly, quarterly or monthly? This helps us determine which kind of swings should be used in the trading plan for your account. This also helps us determine if we should use a TP or a trailing stop or just a manual exit.

  • How often you want to withdraw? Do you want to withdraw all of your profits monthly? Do you just want to withdraw an amount to pay the fee and keep the rest of profits in your account for compounding? Do you not need to withdraw monthly? These factors help us determine how long we can carry a trade, and what should be the average holding time of trading positions. 

We ponder many such things, including the ones mentioned above to make a trading plan for you. Then, we choose one of our traders who is most suitable for that particular plan, and we configure risk management settings and attach your account with the trader.


Keon and Anand started Forex Account Fund Management in 2010. They were college mates while pursuing MBA. They added more colleagues in the team as the business progressed.

  They traded all by themselves till 2013. Besides trading by themselves, they later started associating the best traders in the industry via several online portals & communities of Forex traders.

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