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Managed Forex Accounts

We are a group of experienced forex money managers and market analysts. Our traders are changed on basis of their trading performance from time to time. We are working as forex fund managers, forex trading signal providers. We bring a transparent investment opportunity in form of managed forex accounts, that offers 30% per month profit on average. We are happy to show our accounts by screen sharing to prove profitability.
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Fund Management in Shares

We provide a complete online trading portfolio management by diversified trading and investment in shares of Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. We do this through the Forex brokers which offer not only Forex but also CFD of Shares of many stock exchanges across the world. We make 300-400% annually. We demonstrate our method and show accounts by screen sharing to prove profitability. Read more...
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Forex Trading Signal

Signals are self-executable as well as manual. You can choose either of the two. You can just get it set on your account and your MT4 will execute our electronic signal into trade. This method is the most impeccable way of utilizing signals. You can get your risk set by us as per your appetite. For example, if we are trading 0.1 lot for a 1000 USD account size, but you want to trade only 0.05, we can make such setting for you. Read more...

Forex Trading Course & Useful Links

Before you start a professional course with us, you must know the basics. There are many websites where you can learn basics such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, sentiment analysis etc. Read more...
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Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Trading

  • Clients can trade Bitcoin but we no longer include it in investment portfolios.
  • We provide Bitcoin trading facility to clients on MT4 of our partner broker companies.
  • We provide Bitcoin trading signal.
  • It’s wise choice to trade Bitcion with regulated broker companies instead of trading Bitcoin with an unregulated Pvt. Ltd. Company or wallet.
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ESMA new rule

ESMA new rule

We welcome ESMA's decision of leverage reduction. For a risk free investment, we don't need a leverage more than 1:5 on stocks and 1:30 on Forex. We have never been using more... Read more...


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