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Forex Trading Course

Learn basics: start as a  baby trader first

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Before you start a professional course with us, you must know the basics. There are many websites where you can learn the basics of forex trading such as introduction of global forex market, technical analysis using candle pattern, chart patterns and indicators, fundamental analysis, sentiment analysis etc.

We do not post their site content here so that we could stay compliant with copyright law. But we can email you links to those particular web pages wherein you can understand basics in the most convenient and comprehensible way. As well, we can email you step by step guidelines to learn how to choose a forex broker (company) and how to start trading on demo for practice. Contact us for this material (that is provided for free).

After you finish the basics, you can start your professional course in which we will cover following topics in summarized way to make trading strategies:

  • How to combine technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis for a particular financial trading product such as EUR/USD or Facebook Share-CFD

  • Use of single, dual and triple candle patterns

  • Use of chart patterns and how to use under construction chart patterns, the pattern which yet to be completed by price

  • Use of special patterns of J. Dinapoli such as Bread & Butter Pattern, Double Repo etc.

  • How to use indicators like MACD traditional, RSI etc along with chart and candle pattern to determine trend, divergence and entry point etc.

  • How to do multi time frame analysis on H1, H4 and D1 time frames for more accuracy

  • How to understand economic factors of a country for fundamental analysis of its currency

  • Which news/events to be taken into accounts and which to be ignored.

During learning all these, you have to practice on demo between Monday and Friday and share your trading Journal on Saturday. We will discuss your journal for a few minutes and will proceed for the next lesson. Classes are held using online meeting in real time, no pre-recorded video. You have to spend an hour on every Saturday and Sunday for the classes. It is a three months course for those who already have learnt the basics and have understood MetaTrader trading terminal/platform. Or else, one can start from scratch and can go for a six month course.

After completion of course, you get following skills:

  1. Development of technical trading strategies using different tech tools like chart/candle patterns in combination with few indicators

  2. Modification in strategy as per changing market condition. For example, changing parameter of an indicator, switching from trend trading to range trading etc

  3. Development of a trading plan as well as trading discipline with predefined risk management and controlled psychological factors like emotion, greed etc

  4. Choosing your favorite trading product/instrument like a few currencies (pairs made of them) or a share as per your interest in its fundamentals.

  5. Selection of a few suitable indicators from a specific category. For example, there are so many oscillators, you have to figure out which all to use.

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