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Keon Consultancy

Keon and Anand started Forex fund management in 2010. They were college mates while pursuing MBA. They added more colleagues in the team as the business progressed.

  They traded all by themselves till 2013. Besides trading by themselves, they later started associating the best traders in the industry via several online portals & communities of Forex traders. They keep replacing traders by other better traders available in the pipeline, thus they stay consistently profitable.

   You don't need to search for good traders because we already keep doing this for you. We receive trades to our master account from the best traders and then send to investors' accounts. We implement our risk management on each client's account (with help of MAM and trade copiers), so your account's risk stays always under control irrespective of the individual risk taken by any associated trader in his/her account.

Our Team
Technological Operations

In addition to being a long term trader who places only a few trades in a month; Keon handles administration like leads processing, website's content management, broker relation, technological things like account configuration on VPS, internet marketing, etc.

Financial Operations

Anand is a Forex and stocks trader & investor who works in London & New York trading sessions. As well, he analyzes trades placed by other associated traders. Besides these, he handles international sales.

Manish mainly handles pre-sales and generates leads. 

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