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Investment in Stocks

Fund Management in Shares

We provide a complete online trading portfolio management by diversified trading and investment in shares of Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. Besides these companies, we have added shares of many other tech and FinTech companies in our portfolio. We do this through the Stock brokers or/and Forex brokers which offer not only Forex but also CFD of Shares of many stock exchanges across the world. We make 150-200% annually. We demonstrate our method and show accounts by screen sharing to prove profitability.

Or, join the pool.

Applicable Fees:

Option 1: Minimum deposit : 1000 USD, Fees : 40% of profit.

Option 2: Minimum deposit : 5000 USD, Fees : 33% of profit.

Option 3: Minimum deposit : 20000 USD, Fees : 28% of profit.

Option 4: Minimum deposit : 50000 USD, Fees : 25% of profit.

Our Preferred Shares:


Facebook launched its IPO (Initial Public Offering) in 2012, it has been consistently growing since then. Reason is apparent that it has a monopoly in social media. It has established its monopoly not just by dint of Facebook but also by dint of its other acquired components, Whatsapp and Instagram. Another company Twitter could be a significant rival but it is limited to big celebrities and tycoons only.

 Advertisers have to reach common men (general audience) not only celebrities and tycoons, which is why they prefer Facebook and Instagram for advertisement. That causes consistently increasing revenue for Facebook.

Google's components are no.1 in their fields. Android is the mobile operating system used by the majority irrespective of phone's brand which prepay Google for Android OS very before they start selling their phone and tablets. YouTube has a monopoly as a Video app that's not only used at its own site and app but also used at millions of websites in embedded forms. Google search engine has monopoly in web search and other search such as news search, image search etc. Google AdSense and AdWord are no.1 in web based, video based and search engine based advertisements. Moreover, Google Maps and Google Earth almost have monopolies in their respective fields, and they may be monetized in the future.


Its hardware alone or software/OS alone might not have become so successful but its own hardware put together with its own OS/software makes incredible products. Its products such as Iphones, Ipads, Macbooks etc. have become unquestionably the first choice of upper middle and rich class people and companies/businesses. Therefore, this company has been growing consistently. Recently in August, 2018; this has become a trillion dollar company because of furious growth in its share price.

Everybody knows that Microsoft Windows is the most used computer operating system in the word. Day by day, new businesses are emerging, new people are taking birth; and all of them are buying/deploying computers. You know most computers have Widows, their brands (Dell, HP or whatever) already pay Microsoft to get Windows. Besides Windows, other products like MS-Office, Azure, etc. generate a huge revenue. Moreover, subsidiary companies also generate a huge revenue. This increasing demand of product and services of Microsoft and its subsidiaries causes the increasing demand of its shares too, which is why Microsoft-stock looks stable and steadily growing.

Update on May 13, 2022: Besides these company, we added Amazon, AMD, NVidia, Oracle, Tesla and TSMC. Shares are falling and we are waiting for the buying opportunities. Visit for more updates about our investments in shares.

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