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Forex Account Fund Management

Forex Account Fund Managers:

We are a group of experienced Forex fund managers, account managers and market analysts. Our traders are changed on basis of their trading performance from time to time so that we could stay consistently profitable. We bring a transparent investment opportunity in form of managed accounts in our partner brokers. We use trade copying to manage those MT4 accounts which are not in our partner brokers. We are ready to show our accounts by screen sharing to show you trading results.

 Contact us to learn why, where and which type of account you should open to comply with our terms of fund management (Other brokers are also accepted).

Contact for other brokers or join our pool.

Contact for other brokers or join our pool.


1. Minimum deposit : $1000, Fees : 40% of monthly profit.

2. Minimum deposit : $5000, Fees : 33% of monthly profit.

3. Minimum deposit : $20000, Fees : 28% of monthly profit.

4. Minimum deposit : $50000, Fees : 25% of monthly profit


Note that accounts can also be opened in other currencies, such as EUR, GBP, AUD and SGD.

Trading details valid for all slabs:  Average monthly profit is 30%* of deposit. Normally we go up to 30% draw-down**.


Contact us to know additional charges for other broker's accounts.

*Your net profit depends on your account size, fee slab and accepted draw-down level. In a month, we have seen as low as 9% and as high as 50%. If you assess profitability after 4-5 months, it comes around 30% per month on average.

**If you want, we can reduce your draw-down% by reducing the starting lot size. However, it's not possible for smaller accounts because starting lot in Forex is 0.01 which can't be reduced. Note that profit is also reduced by the same degree. Please get in touch for more info.

Open A/c for USA clients

Contact for the link or join our pool.

The brokers recommended on these links, don't accept clients from some countries, but we accept clients from all over the world via other partner brokers or/and our pool. Contact us to know the most suitable method for you.

Due to various types of Forex account/fund/portfolio management strategies, your results may be quite different from that of others. Your account or portfolio management strategy is made according to your risk appetite, your invested amount, your diversifications, your no. of accounts, etc. Therefore, contact us and discuss in an online meeting to figure out what all possible types of diversification and risk management can be done for you and what result you can get.

How it works: 

  • Open an account in one of our recommended brokers. Or, subscribe to the trade copy service/self-executable signal if you don't want to open an account in one of the recommended brokers. We copy trades to all Metatrader accounts irrespective of brokers.

  • If you open an account in one of our recommended brokers. We send you a Limited Power Of Attorney form (LPOA) which you sign and send to your broker in order to allow us to trade on your behalf. However, LPOA is not applicable to clients of all countries. All clients of recommended brokers enjoy the benefit of postpaid fee as the fee is always taken or asked for at the end of the calendar month irrespective of the applicability of LPOA.

  • There is no management fee or any other hidden fee. There is only one fee which is the portion of profit that you pay. It is calculated on the High-Water Mark principle. 


  • Q: How safe are my funds?

  • A: You hold funds in your own account in the broker, which cannot be withdrawn without your permission, which is why the Power Of Attorney (POA) here is called Limited POA as you give the limited power to the fund managers to trade your fund in the MAM (multi account manager), a system based on lot allocation. Pooled funds work as profit allocation management module (PAMM), however trading result in both system are the same. 

  • Q: Do I have control of my account?

  • A: Even though you let us trade on your behalf, you retain the total control of your account. Anytime, you can revoke LPOA, or you can withdraw without any penalty or you can change the password with the help of your broker. Even in case of Pooled funds, there is no restriction on withdrawals, your profit/loss incurs proportionally whenever you withdraw from the pool.

  • Q: Are there any lock-in periods ?

  • A: No, there is no lock-in period. You can make full or partial withdrawal anytime. However, we advise you to withdraw only your net profit if you want to continue the trading with the same profitability. Note that a withdrawal more than your net profit decreases your capital, which results in decreasing lot sizes from upcoming trades and consequently profits of upcoming trades are impacted.

  • Q: Will I be able to view open as well closed trades?

  • A: Yes, we let you access real time account stats by logging into FTP of MT4. Click here to see how it works.

  • Q: What is the High-Water Mark principle?

  • A: It means that the performance fee to your fund manager(s) is paid only if new profit is made. Here is an example:

Let's say, you start an account with $1000 with a performance fee of 40% and you make $200 with help of your fund manager(s). The performance fee would be 40% of 200, which is $80, so your net profit would be $120. Your account would now have a new WaterMark, new balance of $1120. So the fund manager(s) will not be paid a performance fee unless the balance makes a new High above the previous WaterMark. It means that your fund manager(s) will be paid the next fee if and only if your account balance exceeds $1120 at the end of the following month. 

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