We have dealt with many forex & CFD-share broker companies around the world in order to establish hassle free cross broker MT4 connection, so we can accept any MT4 account.


              We have already strove to find reliable companies which are regulated and provide the best trading condition. Nevertheless, we don't force you to choose our recommended brokers. If they don't like our recommended broker, you can take our services to any MT4 account of any broker.


Further details are given below:


Option 1: Minimum deposit : 1000 USD, Fees : 40% of monthly profit.


Option 2: Minimum deposit : 5000 USD, Fees : 33% of monthly profit.


Option 3: Minimum deposit : 20000 USD, Fees : 28% of monthly profit.


Option 4: Minimum deposit : 50000 USD, Fees : 25% of monthly profit


Trading details valid for all options:  Average monthly profit : 30% of deposit.


To know charges of our trading signal, please contact us.