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AUD/JPY | Oct 2, 2019

If you have read my previous analysis of AUDJPY and my comments on it, you know that I was targeting 38.2% and 50% levels of whole swing up on daily. These targets have already been hit by AUD/JPY.

Today, I entered short at 30% retracement of recent move down on H1.

An up-spike was caused by RBA event yesterday but downward move continued because of dovish RBA.

Having seen scenario on USD/JPY, I am targeting 71.00 this time.

1 comment

1 Comment

Anand Dubey
Anand Dubey
Oct 03, 2019

Closed AUDJPY with +50.0 pips. USD/JPY seems to pull back from this level and AUD/USD has also been pulling upward recently, so staying short anymore is not advisable, nevertheless I will be monitoring further development in AUD and USD/JPY to determine if I can short AUD/JPY again to target 71.00.

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