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Bought Google (A class), Intel and Microsoft shares. | Fund management in shares by Keon Consultancy

US stock market fell significantly due to Coronavirus fears and we got opportunity to buy at lower prices between last Friday and beginning of this week.

Bought Google (Alphabet A class) shares @ $1294.15 with initial target at $1660.

Bought Intel shares @ $54.73 with initial target at $70.06.

Bought Microsoft shares @ $159.95 with initial target at $204.76.

We have plane to buy these shares once again if market falls more.

As well, we have plan to buy FACEBOOK and Apple stocks.

Besides our main investment in companies mentioned above, we have a plan this time to invest a tiny part in Tesla if it comes to half of its last high.

The screenshot shown below displays our buying price levels and targets of buy as well as buy limit orders.

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K Trade
K Trade
08 de mar. de 2020

Buy limit in FACEBOOK was modified to 168.14.

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