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Now is the time to buy shares, not to panic-sell

Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Intel and Tesla shares have already almost made the bottom. Now is the time to buy, not to panic-sell.

The Chinese Virus: Can it cause global recession like we experienced in 2008? NO.

Why are economists not boldly saying NO?

● If someones says 'NO' like we wrote, they can be accused of downplaying it for financial benefits. Does downplaying work? Yes for short time and no for long time but it can be used for a financial trade. E.g. ECB downplayed it and EUR/USD had surged to approx 1.15 which plummeted down to approx 1.06 in a matter of weeks. ● Contagion of this virus is so fast that it can be compared with spread of an odor in the air. Money, work force and precautionary measures used/deployed/done in prevetion of contagion, treatment and finding a cure; have already caused economic slowdown in many countries. ● In 2018, 1.7 million new cases of HIV were found and almost 37 millions people are now living with HIV. But HIV didn't cause recession ever. Can Coronavirus, by dint of fast contagion despite low mortality, cause recession? It's not easy to say 'NO' because HIV unlike Coronavirus was less contagious. ● Good thing about Coronavirus is low mortality rate, way lower than that of HIV back then when HIV-specific treatment wasn't available. And, young people seldom die of Coronavirus. ● Other treatments which are not Coronavirus-specific treatment, have treated many patients successfully. So imagine what will happen when we will have Coronovirus-specific treatment? ● Even if at least a specific treatment, if no cure or no vaccine, will be invented; Coronavirus will not remain a big deal. However, vaccine is the best solution to this highly contagious problem. ● We want to live in a world where we must not be afraid of getting infected with Coronavirus. For example, there is no cure to common cold but we are not afraid of getting infected with cold's virus because we have treatment enough to stay alive and functional during cold and body automatically cures it in short time. Therefore, a vaccine or at least an efficacious treatment is what we need. We have to kill the Coronavirus fears before we could actually be able to kill the virus. If a treatment can sustain the lives, the fear will be killed. ● We will have treatment sooner than later. ● Recession? NO. This is just an opportunity to buy shares at surprisingly low prices.


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