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Sell AUD/JPY | AUD analysis

About AUD : AUD/USD clearly had shifted to bearish trend as it on Nov 14 had closed below swing low of Oct 25 on D1. It had reached FIB61.8 of whole swing up on D1/daily-time frame made between Oct 2 & Oct 31. Recent unemployment data from Australia was significantly weaker than forecast, which has acted as the main bear factor.

Besides Austrian economic data, Waning out optimism of US-China trade deal phase 1 also weighed on AUD.

About JPY: There had already been a bearish breakout of wedge in USD/JPY.

The trade:

Today's negative news of US-China trade deal worked just like a triggering factor. While USD/JPY and AUD/USD are going down together, selling AUD against JPY is very good idea. Target FIB61.8 on D1 of AUD/JPY. Set SL above the price before triggering news.



Keon Consultancy
Keon Consultancy
Nov 20, 2019

Closed AUD/JPY at BE. AUD seems not to be as week as it was in NewYork session of Nov 18 and Asian session of Nov 19. Actually AUD/JPY in London and New York sessions of Nov 19 erased total fall of previous two sessions (NewYork session of Nov 18 and Asian session of Nov 19).


Keon Consultancy
Keon Consultancy
Nov 18, 2019

Having seen significantly weaker employment data, I am not expecting any hawkishness in upcoming Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes despite last CPI was firm.

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