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USD/CAD trading idea | June 20, 2022

Here is trading idea for USD/CAD forex pair based on my multi timeframe analysis.

The EMA crossover took place on the H1 timeframe chart of the USD/CAD. RSI crossed below 50 at the same time. It can start a bearish swing on the H1 timeframe chart.

The forex pair a bearish divergence on the H4 timeframe chart which implies exhaustion of bulls and the beginning of a downward move anytime soon.

The currency pair has been trading in a range on W1 time-frame, which is why it may return to the mid band of the Bollinger. I am not targeting mid-band on W1, my target is based on 1:1::risk:reward on H1 time-frame; however, the bearish setup on W1 time-frame is one of the bearish factors that is in favor of my trade.

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The target was hit.

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