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USD/CHF, alternative scenario | Nov 22, 2019

When a global tension like US-China trade deal eases, safe havens such as CHF & JPY lose.

CHF has been losing since China Vice Premier Liu He spoke yesterday. USD/CHF gained not just for a time being, but it actually held gains of Asian sessions and kept gaining till closing of Nov 21, that made the daily/D1 candle close above trend predictor (red line).

This economical news, change of trend and harmonic scenarios on D1 & H1 time-frames are more likely to work as the external factors that will lead to bullish continuation.

Daily time-frame:

H1 time-frame:

Buy stop can be set above B with nearest target at D shown in graph below. If you lose in sell (of previous scenario), you can recover on this buy trade, make sure to adjust lot size because this trade has less pips.

1 comment

1 Comment

Anand Dubey
Anand Dubey
Nov 22, 2019

The trade has successfully been accomplished at the target shown on H4.

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