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Will Russia agree to Ukraine referendum for the peace terms?

Some major statements came from Ukraine today .

After falling throughout yesterday's US session and today's Asia session; GBP/USD and EUR/USD rose today in EU/UK and US sessions, GBP/USD broke the range to the upside but EUR/USD continued to stay in the tight range established in the last two weeks.


Ukraine's president Zelenskyy said that he is ready to leave NATO aspirations and discuss its terms with Russia.

Source: Daily Mail

He brought forward a proposal to discuss peace terms with Russia's president Putin to end the ongoing war. However, he also said that the peace terms would have to go through a referendum in Ukraine. Some analysts believe that the people will agree to the peace terms because they have to end the ongoing war to avoid further devastation. Contrarily, other analysts believe that Putin won't agree to the referendum especially after seeing the Brexit-referendum, separatist mood of people and comparison of Ukraine with Brexit by Boris Johnson. Although we are inclined more towards the contrary belief, we suggest traders make decisions after hearing from Russia.


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